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Training on Dialysis

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Our Certificate and Diploma Program in Dialysis Industry can help you gain the skills that meet the challenges of today's Renal care system and upgrade your skills and knowledge to give quality care to a Dialysis Patient.

Benefits include:

A faculty of World renowned Clinical Professionals.
A well-defined curriculum that is dynamic and constantly reviewed.
Well Planned programs to suit global regions administering renal care.

Earn an accredited Diploma in Dialysis Technology

Our series of Programs for Dialysis Professionals (Certificate and Diploma Programs) are well designed by renowned academicians from Renal industry to meet growing needs of care for dialysis patients.

Dialysis Programs include:

Diploma Course for Dialysis Technicians.
Diploma Course for Dialysis Nurses.
Fellowship in Nephrology for Medical Physicians.

Dialysis Careers

Education, region, and experience play a huge role in the career within the field of dialysis. However outlook for careers in dialysis care shows a steady growth. The two main careers in dialysis are detailed below.

Dialysis Nurses

Nurses who wish to specialize in dialysis care must be qualified nurses. Dialysis Nurses get expertise in all types of dialysis. In any type of dialysis, Dialysis Nurses monitor the patient condition during and post dialysis. All the practices and procedures are done in consultation with physicians. Nurses are assisted by dialysis technicians.

They help the patient to cope up with the stress caused due to the illness and provide them counselling whenever needed and motivate the patient to manage the disease by self-care and medication.

Even after a kidney transplant, patients are in touch with the dialysis nurse to adjust to the post transplant conditions. Dialysis Nurses follow up with their former patients to ensure that they are doing fine and are regular in their medications. The working condition is a clean and spotless clinical setup. They should be strong enough to lift and help patients move.

Dialysis Nurses

Dialysis Technicians

Dialysis Technicians

Dialysis technicians maintain and operate the equipments used for dialysis. They also prepare patients before dialysis, like checking their vital signs, weight, recording the mental and physical state of the patient, giving local anesthesia, and monitor patients progress pre, in and post dialysis. They assist in patient's recovery and help them adjust to the medical condition.

They work very closely with the patient and build a relationship with compassion and empathy. They need to be mentally strong to cope up with the condition of the patients and physically strong to move the patients when needed.

They work mostly in Clinics, Hospitals and Dialysis Centres in a clean environment. They work under the supervision of trained Dialysis Nurses.

Why Us?

Our course-curriculum module is very uniquely, specifically designed, given a special identity and recognition. Course is designed to help the nurses and technicians to master the current trends, demands and requirements of the international quality of dialysis-nephrology nursing. The course focus on
  • A complete hands on, immersive and interactive class-room and practical training and to effectively apply the knowledge gained into the practice of dialysis nursing.
  • A complete participation and full-assistance in learning with a tailored and individualized student-care approach.
  • Strong educational, leadership, organizational, communication and motivational skills.
  • A combined teaching by all the specialists and panels of doctors from various disciplines for complete and thorough learning.


  • Curriculum prepared by U.S Nephrology Nurses and Nephrologists.
  • Students after successful completion of certificate program would be eligible to appear for NNCC (Nephrologly Nursing Certification Commission) exams in India.
  • Improved job prospects with U.S, Europe and Middle east countries after certification by NNCC.
  • Very good response in Maharashtra and already 150+ students have been trained and certified.
  • Better compensation packages from Indian corporate hospitals.
  • Course now being offered pan India and will become a national standard.
  • Course curriclum upgraded in regular intervals for meeting international standards.


Diploma Course For Dialysis Technicians

12 Months

Certification Program for Dialysis Technicans

6 Months

Dialysis Recertification Program

3 Months